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Our English Bible

The King James Bible for Today's Reader

              OUR ENGLISH BIBLE 


The King James Version of the Bible is universally recognised as the foremost translation of the English Bible, even though many other translations have been published in the last hundred years. As the British historian Lord Macaulay wrote, “The English Bible, a book which, if everything else in our language should perish, would alone suffice to show the whole extent of its beauty and power.”

This new edition of the complete Bible has been designed to help 21st century readers realise afresh the dignity and vitality of the language of the King James Version of the Bible, which many today find difficult to read and understand.

This King James for Today version has several unique features:



Headings and subheadings have been introduced throughout the Bible to help the reader locate particular passages.


The complete Bible text has been set out in paragraphs. These develop and replace the paragraph symbol found in editions of the King James Version.

Quotation marks

In this edition, the King James Version text appears with all speech within quotation marks, in accordance with modern usage. To achieve this the text has been carefully read, and no textual changes have been made, other than to punctuation and capitalisation at the start of sentences. 


A new, easy-to-read typeface has been chosen. The contemporary presentation with headings and subheadings and the layout in paragraphs means that this Bible encourages the reading of the text.


Poetic passages, e.g. Psalms and Proverbs, have been presented in verse form to reflect the poetic nature of the original.

Word list

Surprisingly few words have changed meaning throughout the centuries: a list of these archaic words and phrases is included in this edition.  

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                                                                      Example of Inside Pages 

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