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              TEACHINGS BY F.F. BRUCE 


F.F. Bruce is widely regarded as one of the most significant Evangelical scholars of the 20th century. He had the rare quality of making the complex simple and the profound understandable. He let the Bible speak freely and did not make it fit a particular system of theology. A humble and gentle man, Bruce was a superb scholar, and his scholarship had the purpose of helping people encounter Jesus Christ. J.I. Packer said, “No Christian was ever more free of narrow bigotry, prejudice and eccentricity. ... No man did more to demonstrate how evangelical faith and total academic integrity may walk hand in hand.”

Professor Bruce wrote from a deep love and knowledge of Scripture that communicates itself in his writing. The titles on offer here will help students of all ages to understand better the truths of the Christian faith and build confidence in handling Scripture.


Each of the books can be used as a study tool, with space for personal notes.

They are ideal for personal study and for group study.

The 10 books are divided into 2 packs:

Church History and Doctrine

The Letters of Paul the Apostle                                                 

  • Size 148 mm by 210 mm

  • 2-colour text

  • Paperback books

or buy 10 copies of one title

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5 books at normal price - £37.50

Introductory offer - £22.50

(Great value at £4.50 each!)

Contains 5 books:

Acts - The Church is Born

Acts - The Gospel Advances

The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament

The Kingdom of God in the New Testament

The Deity of Christ

                                    Church History and Doctrine Pack  

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Acts -

The Church is Born

Acts -

The Gospel Advances

The Kingdom of God in the Old Tertament

Studies in the book of Acts: the birth of the Church and early days in Jerusalem.

128 pages

Studies in the book of Acts: how the Church grew beyond Jerusalem, breaking down cultural and political barriers.

176 pages

Short studies revealing how God laid the foundations for the day when he would establish his Kingdom on earth.

64 pages

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The Kingdom of God in the New Testament

Short studies explaining the importance of God's Kingdom revealed in Jesus.

112 pages

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The Deity of Christ

W.J. Martin and F.F. Bruce combine to affirm the absolute claims of Christ's deity and to refute some of the heresies of the ages.

96 pages

Introductory offer


                                    The Letters of Paul the Apostle Pack  

Contains 5 books:

Paul's Early Letters - Galatians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians


Love Letters and Life Lessons - 1 & 2 Corinthians

Paul's Pastoral Heart - Titus, 1 & 2 Timothy

Chain Letters - Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, Philippians

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Paul's Early Letters


Love Letters and

Life Lessons

Ideal for reading God's word with purpose, Professor Bruce puts his own perspective and knowledge into familiar passages of scripture.

80 pages

Paul's "gospel" wonderfully paraphrased by Professor Bruce, keeping the essential ingredients of Paul's magnum opus.

80 pages

Showing how the disputes and controversies of the Corinthian Church are still relevant today.

112 pages

Paul's Pastoral Heart

Encouragement, care, friendships and pastoral guidance, for Paul's time and ours.

64 pages

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Chain Letters

Letters written from a prison to churches and people that the prisoner cared about more than his own circumstance.

80 pages

Introductory offer


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