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Noah: The Real Story

Answers to Your Questions about One of the World’s Most Fascinating Stories

Larry Stone

ISBN: 978-0-9888923-3-0



Noah's ark makes it on everyone's list of top ten favorite Bible stories-right up there with Jonah and the fish, and David and Goliath.  

Other books have covered just the Flood, or just one aspect of the search for Noah's ark, but this is the only book to tell the complete story. Was the Flood global or local? How big was the ark and how was it built? How did Noah gather and take care of the animals? Where can you see the ark today?  Filled with fascinating stories, more than 20 B&W images, controversial details, and thorough research, Noah: The Real Story answers these questions and more. You will read about the Noah story as told in the Bible, flood stories around the world, the many quests for the ark over the centuries, Noah in movies and television, and Noah's secret for surviving the end of the world.


Noah: The Real Story

SKU: 978-0-9888923-3-0
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