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The New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes

Seven Old Testament Themes Perfectly Revealed in Jesus Christ

ISBN: 978-1-912149-01-8

(122 pages – academic)


After His resurrection, Jesus met two disciples and explained everything the Old Testament said about Himself. F.F. Bruce opens the context of the New Testament writers’ understanding of the Old Testament by focusing on seven Old Testament themes that, he says, “are fulfilled in Jesus.” This book demonstrates Bruce’s academic credibility.


  • The rule of God over all creation is fulfilled in Christ’s kingship.

  • The salvation of God, as demonstrated in the Exodus, is fulfilled in Christ’s death and resurrection.

  • The victory of God, as promised in the return from exile, is fulfilled in Christ’s victory over sin and death.

  • The people of God, established by His covenant with Israel, is fulfilled in Christ’s calling twelve disciples to be the beginning of a “New Israel.”

  • The promises God gave to David’s kingship are fulfilled in Christ’s kingship.

  • The servant messiah, especially as found in Isaiah 40-55, is fulfilled in Christ, who came to “not to be served, but to serve.”

  • The shepherd king, especially as found in Zechariah, is fulfilled in Christ who presented himself as the Shepherd of Israel.

The New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes

SKU: 978-1-912149-01-8
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