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         BIBLE TRUST 

Bible Trust was founded by Robert Hicks and Trevor Dolby. The aim of Bible Trust is to advance the Christian faith by creating and distributing contemporary Christian literature in traditional (printed) and electronic (digital) formats, at a fair price and subsidised for large distributions.


Robert has a passion for reading and understanding the Bible, which comes from learning to read as a teenager by copying out the King James Bible. He has spent his working life in Retail and Christian publishing. He is surrounded by a large family based in the historic Roman city of Bath, England.


          CONTACT US 

As we wish to be more efficient and cost-effective, we will in future be providing bulk orders of 1000 copies+ of Bible resources direct from printer and we are no longer offering small orders from the warehouse.  This will mean a bigger reduction in price for evangelistic and Bible-teaching purposes.

Prices can be as low as 75p!


We therefore invite you to make contact with us identifying your needs for bulk printing, which can be personalised. 

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